3D Text

3D Basic Position Z Cascade 3D-Basic-Position-Z-Typeon 3D-Basic-Rotate-X-Cascade
3D Basic Position Z Cascade 3D Basic Position Z Typeon 3D Basic Rotate X Cascade
3D-Basic-Rotate-Y-Cascade 3D-Bouncing-In-Centered 3D-Fall-Back-Scale-&-Skew
3D Basic Rotate Y Cascade 3D Bouncing In Centered 3D Fall Back Scale & Skew
3D-Fall-Back-Scramble-&-Blur 3D-Flip-In-Rotate-X 3D-Flip-Out-Rotate-X
3D Fall Back Scramble & Blur 3D Flip In Rotate X 3D Flip Out Rotate X
3D-Flip-Up-Reflection 3D-Flutter-In-From-Left 3D-Flutter-In-Random-Order
3D Flip Up Reflection 3D Flutter In From Left 3D Flutter In Random Order
3D-Flutter-Out-From-Right 3D-Fly-Down-&-Unfold 3D-Fly-Down-Behind-Camera
3D Flutter Out From Right 3D Fly Down & Unfold 3D Fly Down Behind Camera
3D-Fly-Down-Random-&-Rotate-Y 3D-Lines-Zoom-In 3D-Rain-Down-Words-&-Colors
3D Fly Down Random & Rotate Y 3D Lines Zoom In 3D Rain Down Words & Colors
3D-Random-Spike-Tumble 3D-Resolve-Position 3D-Rotate-around-Circle
3D Random Spike Tumble 3D Resolve Position 3D Rotate around Circle
3D-Rotate-in-by-Character 3D-Rotate-out-by-Word 3D-Scramble-in-Position-Z
3D Rotate in by Character 3D Rotate out by Word 3D Scramble in Position Z
3D-Spiral-Down-&-Unfold 3D-Spiral-Rotate-In-by-Line 3D-Spiral-Rotate-Out-by-Line
3D Spiral Down & Unfold 3D Spiral Rotate In by Line 3D Spiral Rotate Out by Line
3D-Swing-Around-on-Path 3D-Tumble-Words-Forward 3D-Twist-&-Color-Characters
3D Swing Around on Path 3D Tumble Words Forward 3D Twist & Color Characters

Animate In

Center-Spiral Characters-Shuffle-In Decoder-Fade-In
 Center Spiral  Characters Shuffle In  Decoder Fade In
Drop-In-By-Character Espresso-Eye-Chart Fade-Up-And-Flip
 Drop In By Character  Espresso Eye Chart  Fade Up And Flip
Fade-Up-Characters Fade-Up-Lines Fade-Up-Words
 Fade Up Characters  Fade Up Lines  Fade Up Words
Fly-In-From-Bottom Fly-In-With-A-Twist Pop-Buzz-Words
 Fly In From Bottom  Fly In With A Twist Pop Buzz Words
Raining-Characters-In Random-Fade-Up Random-Shuffle-In
 Raining Characters In  Random Fade Up  Random Shuffle In
Random-Word-Shuffle-In Slow-Fade-On Smooth-Move-In
 Random Word Shuffle In  Slow Fade On  Smooth Move In
Spin-In-By-Character Spin-In-By-Word Straight-In-By-Character
 Spin In By Character  Spin In By Word  Straight In By Character
Straight-In-By-Word Straight-In-Multi-Line Stretch-In-Each-Line
 Straight In By Word  Straight In Multi-Line  Stretch In Each Line
 Stretch-In-Each-Word  Twirl-On-Each-Line  Twirl-On-Each-Word
 Stretch In Each Word  Twirl On Each Line  Twirl On Each Word
Typewriter Wipe-In-To-Center
Typewriter Wipe In To Center

Animate Out

Encoder-Fade-Out Fade-Out-By-Character Fade-Out-Slow
Encoder Fade Out Fade Out By Character Fade Out Slow
Raining-Characters-Out Random-Fly-Off Random-Word-Fly-Off
Raining Characters Out Random Fly Off Random Word Fly Off
Slide-Off-Right-By-Character Slide-Off-Right-By-Word Stretch-Out-Each-Line
Slide Off Right By Character Slide Off Right By Word Stretch Out Each Line
Stretch-Out-Each-Word Twirl-Off-Each-Line Twirl-Off-Each-Word
Stretch Out Each Word Twirl Off Each Line Twirl Off Each Word


Blur-By-Word Bullet-Train  evaporate
Blur By Word Bullet Train Evaporate
foggy Jiggy  Transporter
Foggy Jiggy Transporter

Curves and Spins

Bloom-Flower Clockwise-Entry Counter-Rotate
Bloom Flower Clockwise Entry Counter Rotate
Dust-Devil Lasso-Tumble Lasso
Dust Devil Lasso Tumble Lasso
Musical-Chairs  Newton Pinwheel
Musical Chairs Newton Pinwheel
Radial-Flare Retrograde Rotate
Radial Flare Retrograde Rotate
somersault Spin-fast Spin-exit
Somersault Spin Fast Spiral Exit
spiral-in Spirograph swoopy-entry
Spiral In Spirograph Swoopy Entry
tea-leaves  tire-rim  whirl-in
Tea Leaves Tire Rim Whirl In


 buzz-words  current-time-format  dictionary
Buzz Words Current Time Format Dictionary
 display-comp-time  frame-number  Inch-worm
Display Comp time Frame Number Inch Worm
Text bounce

Fill and Stroke

chasing-strokes fill-color-wipe flicker-color-scale
Chasing Strokes Fill Color Wipe Flicker Color – Scale
flicker-color flicker-green inflammation
Flicker Color Flicker Green Inflammation
pulse-blue pulse-orange pulsing-strokes
Pulse Blue Pulse Orange Pulsing Strokes
pulsing-strokes2 rotate-hue sliding-color-flicker
Pulsing Strokes 2 Rotate Hue Sliding Color Flicker
stroke-ease-down wiggly-stroke-byline wiggly-stroke-width
Stroke Ease Down Wiggly Stroke Width By Line Wiggly Stroke Width


bar-blinky bar-lime Blue-note
Bars Blinky Bars Lime Blue Note
cut-shapes exchange Green-dots
Cut Shapes Exchange Green Dots
hazard Red-circle scratchy-film
Hazard Red Circles Scratchy Film
Snowflakes white-trim yellow-boxes
Snowflakes White Trim Yellow Boxes

Light and Optical

 blue-flash  broadway  bubble-pulse
Blue Flash Broadway Bubble Pulse
 Emerge  Exposure  Flash
Emerge Exposure Flash
 Flicker-Exposure  Fluctuate  Fluorescent-Light
Flicker Exposure Fluctuate Fluorescent Light
 office-light  overlay  Pulse-exposure
Office Light Overlay Pulse Exposure
 shadows  silhouettes  Sonar-Ping
Shadows Silhouettes Sonar Ping
 Spin-flash  word-flash
Spin Flash Word Flash


algorithm algorithm-loop Automation
Algorithm Algorithm Loop Automation
bad-reception Doppler Electro-magnet
Bad Reception Doppler Electro Magnet
helicopter insert-text Kinematic
Helicopter Insert Text Kinematic
mechanical pistons Rack-Pinion
Mechanical Pistons Rack & Pinion
Roadtrip Roadtrip2 Scale-bounce
Roadtrip Roadtrip2 Scale Bounce
Screen-Roll StairStep submarine
Screen Roll Stairstep Submarine
underscore warp98
Underscore Warp 9.8


angle-fly-in back-flip blow-away
Angle Fly-In Back Flip Blow Away
Bounce-in bungee chaotic
Bounce In Bungee Chaotic 1
chaotic2 clay-pigeons dotcom
Chaotic 2 Clay Pigeons Dot.Com
elbow-room Explosion Explosion2
Elbow Room Explosion Explosion 2
Hop,-Skip,-And-A-Jump1 pendulum punching-bag
Hop, Skip, And A Jump Pendulum Punching Bag
question rattle roll-bounce
Question Rattle Roll Bounce
sequential-jump six-shooter slide-bounce
Sequential Jump Six-Shooter Slide Bounce
slip-in-out smokey squeeze
Slip In Out Smokey Squeeze
superhero swing-up twitty-ribbons
Superhero Swing Up Twisty Ribbons
twitty-ribbons2 vanishing-point Wiggly-lines
Twisty Ribbons 2 Vanishing Point Wiggly Lines


alphabet-soup Contract-expand currents
Alphabet Soup Contract – Expand Currents
data-packet data-stream dealer
Data Packet Data Stream Dealer
encryption fly-in-by-characters fly-in-by-words
Encryption Fly In By Characters Fly In By Words
front-back frotnside-backside Ideas
Front – Back Frontside – Backside Ideas
incoming Jetstream2   Jetstream1
Incoming Jetstream 2 Jetstream
multi-line-flip outgoing-incoming Pneumatic
Multi-Line Flip Outgoing – Incoming Pneumatic
production stack-right-left weekdays
Production Stack Right Left Weekdays
word-processor zippy
Word Processor Zippy


autumn boiling boomerang
Autumn Boiling Boomerang
bounce-diagonal chewingum climber
Bounce Diagonal Chewing Gum Climber
dip-bounce double-helix drop-bounce
Dip-Bounce Double-Helix Drop Bounce
fish-bait flutter flying-formation
Fish Bait Flutter Flying Formation
horse-fly hummingbird insect-wipe
Horsefly Hummingbird Insect Wipe
insects labrador leapfrog
Insects Labrador Leapfrog
loose-line ocean-tide quiver
Loose Line Ocean Tide Quiver
ripple rubber-floor rubber
Ripple Rubber Floor Rubber
sea-sick shuffle simmer
Sea-Sick Shuffle Simmer
slice-and-dice sprouts tag-team
Slice And Dice Sprouts Tag Team
wheatfield wind-current wobble
Wheatfield Wind Current Wobble


360-LOOP antelope ants
360 Loop Antelope Ants
backstage balance balloon-man
Back Stage Balance Balloon Man
balloon bouncing bubble-pop
Balloon Bouncing Bubble Pop
bump-and-slide-on centipede circuit-board
Bump And Slide On Centipede Circuit Board
conveyor-belt double-spiral down-and-out
Conveyor Belt Double Spiral Down And Out
downhill-slide-off downhill-slide-on frenzy
Downhill Slide Off Downhill Slide On Frenzy
hurdles karate-shop loop-on-and-off
Hurdles Karate Chop Loop On And Off
lyrical organism paper-clip
Lyrical Organism Paper Clip
pipes raquetball rat-nest
Pipes Racquetball Rat Nest
reel-to-reel reel-to-reel2 rope-bridge
Reel To Reel Reel To Reel 2 Rope Bridge
serpent slippery-slope spiral-long
Serpent Slippery Slope Spiral Long
spiral springy squirmy
Spiral Springy Squirmy
stairwell symmetry tchotchke
Stairwell Symmetry Tchotchke
walk-of-stars zig-zag
Walk Of Stars Zig-Zag


Drip-Down Flip-Up Full-Rotation
Drip Down Flip Up Full Rotation
Loopy-loop Random-rotation Rotate-Chars
Loopy Loop Random Rotation Rotate Chars
rotateperword spin-in swirly-rotation
Rotate Per Word Spin In Swirly Rotation


large-scale lets-dance Scale down word text animation
Large Scale Let’s Dance Scale Down Word
scale-down scale-by-word scale-up
Scale Down Scale Up Word Scale Up
wiggly-scale-wipe Zoom-away zoom-forward
Wiggly Scale Wipe Zoom Away Zoom Forward


contract Decrease-tracking Extend
Contract Decrease Tracking Extend
increase-tracking magnify spasm
Increase Tracking Magnify Spasm

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